Sunday, 20 February 2011

Cruising The Great Australian Bight To Perth

Friday the 11th to Sunday 13th of February

Three days at sea so time to relax, unwind and enjoy the festivities and onboard classes.

Beginners bridge classes are starting to make sense – a bit!! And I’m still continuing and enjoying my art classes and playing the on deck games of Shuffleboard and Baggo.

Sunday was the crew tug-of-war between the different departments to see who’s strongest. The teams chose topical team names like Breadsticks (waiting staff), Hangovers (bar staff), Coconut Cream Boys (kitchen), Rust Busters (deck maintenance), The Sweepers (housekeeping) and Drama Queens (entertainers)

After several tug-offs refereed by the Captain… The Coconut Cream Boys won. Great fun in the sun.

Monday February 14th

Happy Valentine’s Day to all. I made Vance a ‘collage’ Valentine card in art class… aah… but where’s my card??? Love him.

Docked in Fremantle today and decided against the 40 minute bus ride into Perth so just took the local tram bus into the centre of Fremantle – what a treat. Population is only about 25,000 and named after Captain Charles Fremantle an English naval officer who first established a camp at the site. The locals call it Freo.

The city is amazing with beautiful 19th century buildings but with a definite small town feel to it. We visited The Round House with its tiny cells which lodged the first prisoners of the Swan River settlement and is the oldest building in the state. I tried to lock Vance in the stocks but he escaped!!

We then paddled on the beach and wandered around the marina before strolling back to the ship for our usual cold beer mate.

We loved Freo so much we have decided when we return to Oz on our longer trip we will use it as our base in Western Australia.

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