Saturday, 26 February 2011

Cruising The Indian Ocean To Bali

Tuesday February 15th

Today we are cruising the Indian Ocean and we’ve been hit by the edge of the cyclone that is causing havoc to North West Australia. There is torrential rain and gale force winds - needless to say the planned ‘Dancing Under The Stars’ on deck has been moved indoors to The Club.

Wednesday February 16th

Still at sea and the skies are overcast and it’s still raining we have been told that the winds will increase to gale force 8 and the seas will have 20ft to 25ft waves tonight. It’s a bit frightening but exciting to watch…lucky that we now have good sea legs!!

Thursday February 17th

Again at sea but the storms are passing. I didn’t sleep much last night as the ship was all over the place so I had a cat nap this morning and feel much better….it’s amazing but I haven’t felt sea sick at all.

Last art lesson with Gregory today as he is getting off in Bali …..really pleased with my final effort.

Friday February 18th

Arrived at Padang Bai in Bali, Indonesia. We were greeted off the tender by locals who dressed us in sarongs – even the men – before we were taken to the Royal Temple for a Balinese Banquet and a show of local dancing and singing. Had a really brilliant evening – make sure you see the photos.

Saturday February 19th

Still in Bali. Went ashore but got engulfed by street vendor selling everything under the sun…everyone was calling out “just one dolla…only one dolla”. Too much hassle so back to the ship where we had the pool to ourselves as most others stayed ashore…this is how the rich live…we like it!!

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