Friday, 11 February 2011

Hobart, Tasmania

Thursday February 3rd

Arrived at Hobart the state capital of the Australian island of Tasmania. Founded as a penal colony  the locals joke that ‘Horbartians’ will always manage to extract some money from the tourists (by fair means or foul). Vance and I just went walk-about today around the beautiful harbour and we found the place where the first British Antarctica Expedition started from in 1898. The exact spot is marked by a selection of full size bronze sculptures depicting the men and the equipment taken.

Back on board for a goodly lunch then a lazy afternoon by the pool…weather now back to 80f with no wind and low humidity…phew thank goodness for that.

An exciting occurrence: A seagull dropped a full load on Vance sprawled on his sunbed provoking much laughter of course but not from Vance!! So I decided as it is supposed to be lucky that we should get an Euro Lotto ticket the numbers being based on the longitude and latitude of Hobart. We asked Peter our friend in Bristol to buy one on our behalf…not heard from him since!!

Friday February 4th

Cruising the Tasman Sea again today this time on our way up to Sydney. The highlight of the day is The Galley Buffet where all the lunch food is collected by us as we view the galley facilities while the food is being cooked in front of us. No waiter service today - apart from the excellent wine service of course!!

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  1. Vance and Helen - Sorry the lottery ticket didn't win - Bad luck - Oh, by the way moved house last week - if you need to conatct me the new address is:- The House on the Hill- Seaview Road - Sandy Lane - Barbados: - Or call me on 00112224445 - If I am not there one of the staff will take a message. Pleased to read and hear that you are having such a great time - Peter