Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Bristol To Los Angeles

Ok folks we’ve been onboard for a week now & it’s about time we started  our blog…no excuses just a mixture of chilling out and the Internet connection in the South Pacific being at best s…l…o…w..

Tuesday  4th Jan…
Vance (worried of Bristol) spent all night Monday (3rd) looking out the window as the snow kept falling but although the snow pitched the chauffeur did get to pick us up this morning and get us to Heathrow T5 for our British Airways noon flight.

Arrived at T5 @ and whizzed through BA first class check in and made it into the 1st Class (Concorde) lounge for breaky. I wandered around the lounge at least 3 times looking for celebs … no luck… really disappointed.

Vance had a complimentary massage at the spa in a high tech all singing & dancing massage chair (no extras!!) now he wants one at home… only £25k…yeh right!!

Boarded plane @ and turned left for 1st class & escorted to our massive seats …Vance had a window seat or should I say a 3-window seat which gave him a wonderful view of the outside world. After a glass of champers & a vodka tonic we were airborne. Only 14 seats in 1st so we managed to chat to our fellow travellers and found that 4 others were also joining the cruise ship.

After a 3 course lunch with plenty of good wine we changed into our BA provided PJs and the stewardess made up our fully flat 6ft+ beds with duvets & pillows. 6 hours sleep later we woke for earl grey tea & sandwiches before landing.

The flight crossed the Atlantic heading north into Canada before dropping down over Denver toward LA. Vance loved looking out of the windows seeing the terrain change from the wild expanses of snow & mountains to eventually the fertile landscapes of coastal but crowded LA.

Landed in LA @ LA time everything going smoothly….until Immigration & Customs. Could not believe it…we queued for 1.5 hours to get through. Finally made it though to find a luxury Cadillac waiting to take us to the Ritz Carlton at Marina del Rey. Finally….into our room at …..body time next day…knackered of Bristol….we just felt like falling into bed. Only trouble was we had to attend a gala reception & dinner at to meet the other world cruisers.

Managed to hang on until without falling asleep at the table….body time now ….we gave our apologies and went to bed… phew!!

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