Friday, 14 January 2011

Los Angeles to …. The Middle Of The Pacific

We are spending the next nine days at sea….Vance says it will be fabulous but I’m not too sure…sounds a bit scary to me. It’s ok for him he loves the sea being a Devonshire boy with family from Plymouth it’s in his blood as his great, great, great, wayback grandfather was Francis Drake - ask him to recite Drakes Drum sometime… snore zzzz….

We have an in-suite mapping system on the TV which shows where we are globally and it makes you understand how massive the Pacific Ocean is. And how small we are!!

Thursday 6th January
We’ve decided to join the beginners bridge classes because even we can’t sit in the sun all day. It was our first class today … really complicated but I’m sure that in time it will get clearer.

Temperature only 21c but feels a bit cooler because of the breeze and the ship’s speed of 16 knots so have been spending the day finding our way around the ship. We’ll give you a guided tour later.

Funny story… at lifeboat drill yesterday after donning our life jackets the safety office pointed out some safety features… the whistle, the light ….and the reflective strips that would make us more visible in the sea…Vance pipes up and says ‘yes the reflective strips also make it easier for the sharks to see us as well’ …not everyone laughed!!

Saturday 8th January
Have booked for exercise classes – the Kinesis wall ( a series of resistance exercises using pulleys and weights that come out of the wall) and Pilates for the next seven days. The Pilates is a real killer!!

Going to Restaurant 2 tonight which serves a six to seven course small tasting menu … you get them all!! See picture of menu - didn’t bring our scanner so had to take a picture so apologies for the clarity.

Sunday 9th January
Moving about is difficult today as the Pilates class workout has really knackered us so a quiet day around the pool followed by room service dinner, a film and an early night…phew!!

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