Monday, 24 January 2011

Moorea, Bora Bora & Raratonga

Sunday January 16th – Moorea - temp = 86f.

Decided to get a taxi to the beach for a few hours to enjoy swimming in the sea instead of the pool….back on board by 1pm for lunch (of course!!)

This evening’s entertainment was a ventriloquist who was funny & brill.

Monday January 17th – Today we are in Bora Bora & decided to do the Glass Bottom Boat trip to the reef. Only 1.5 hours which was long enough as there are only so many fish you can look at without getting hungry so…back to the ship for lunch as always.

I played shuffleboard today…..never played before and was absolutely hopeless but the team I was on won … 1st prize = one Seabourn Pen…wow!!!

Tuesday January 18th – At sea today so have another beginners bridge class…not sure it’s making much sense at the moment.

This morning was Baggo Toss … another prize game on the top deck....another game I have never played…you have to toss a bag onto a slopping board and hope it goes through a hole on the board…you start fairly close about 6 feet and throw 4 bags each then move to about 10 feet and repeat and then move to 15 feet and do the same again….it was unbelievable…first round I got four out of four, second round three out of four and the third round one through the hole and three on the board so almost max points again…..I WON !!!!....lots of moaning by the other competitors ..they weren’t pleased…everyone is so competitive it’s unreal…I said it’s just a game but that didn’t go down too well. Anyway I won a Seabourn Visor which was great because I’d just asked Vance to buy me one ….so more money left in the vgr massage kitty.

Weds January 19th – Should have anchored off Raratonga today but there was so much swell that it was dangerous to launch the tenders so the captain decided to head for Russell New Zealand early…so another day at sea, which Vance loved…again……****** big trouble … the laptop crashed this morning so we’ve no computer and no internet access and I’ve lost all my email contact addresses. Vance is trying to fix it but it looks like he’ll have to back the hard drive up to memory sticks and then wipe everything before restoring….keeping everything crossed that we are back on line in a few days….apologies to everyone but we are now very much behind in our blog & picture updates. Vance says it’s due to a windows update corrupting something…bummer though.

Clocks have gone back another hour tonight… now 12 hours ahead of UK time.

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