Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The Missing Friday

Thursday January 20th
Day at sea today. Another beginner’s bridge lesson and starting to get the hang of this must join the Henbury Golf Club Bridge Class upon our return…not…

I entered the golf putting competition today & came….wait for it…last!! Vance says that it’s best not to join HGC yet!! I’m convinced that the Captain knew every time it was my turn to putt and made the ship roll..!!

It was my last jewellery lecture today about ‘The World Greatest Diamond Heist’. We now know how to steal diamonds from an impenetrable vault but not about how NOT to get caught – it was also the draw for the $3000 pendant…alas to say I didn’t win…boo hoo….perhaps Vance will buy me one instead …..I won’t hold my breath.

Went to bed at 11:30pm on Thursday 20th January and woke up at 7am on Saturday Jan 22nd …. Where’s Friday gone? Crossed the International Date Line going west last night and lost a whole day....can’t believe we are now 12 hours AHEAD of the UK instead of the 12 hours behind we were yesterday. Vance says that because we didn’t eat or drink for the whole of Friday we can have extra tonight!!

Saturday January 22nd
Another day at sea so spending the day on deck in the sun enjoy the company, good weather, great food and the odd drink or two….hic!!

Sunday January 23rd
Still at sea making our way toward Russell, Bay of Islands in New Zealand…really relaxing and the weather is wonderful.

Brilliant show tonight (Can’t Stop The Music’) all the great hits of the Beatles, Eagles etc etc. but the sea is starting to get really rough with heavy swells. Vance says it’s best to batten down in our comfy beds with a night cap but I sat up most of the night worrying that the ship was about to sink…Vance was snoring as soon as his bald little head hit the pillow…love him!!

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