Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Cochin – India

Saturday March 19th

Paul, Sarah and the two of us hired a local taxi for a private three hour tour of Cochin.

We visited The Dutch Palace, The Catholic Basilica (which was hosting a wedding at the time), the famous fishing nets where the massive nets are lowered into the river on a cantilever system and numerous local attractions and side street stalls for even more shopping.

That afternoon most of the guests on the Sojourn travelled across to Gundu Island where we had a Kerala Feast and enjoyed the coconut-influenced cuisine including crispy lentil and rice crepes that were loaded with prawns and chicken and looked like small pizza’s. They were delicious. The entertainment included a Kathakali performance where through facial expressions and hand gestures the artist enacts various emotions. These artists are always male…must be something to do with the weight of the costume. We also could have a henna tattoo – I had a small one on my hand – and had our fortune told. Apparently I am going to have a long and healthy life living to be 90…..I like the healthy bit …but 90 !!??!!

We were pleasantly surprised with how nice Cochin was – hope the rest of our trips in India turn out as well as today.

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