Monday, 7 March 2011

Hong Kong

Saturday Febrauary 26th

Today is another change over day so it’s time to say goodbye to more friends that we’ve made on the cruise. Sad to say goodbye but that’s what holidays are about but amongst the 250 new guests (newbies) boarding today hopefully we’ll make a few new ones.

Walked the Nathan Road this morning looking but not buying…yet…then back for the ritual 12 o’clock beer which was waiting for us on the strike of 12!!

After lunch we intended to go to the Ladies Market but didn’t quite make it but instead spent the afternoon on deck ‘chilling’ – bliss!!

Sunday February 27th

We went out shopping for ‘real’ copies. Vance bought an iPhone 4 for 400 hong kong dollars – about £35 – hope it works when we get back home. He’s hoping to write an ‘App’ for our website when he gets home and told me needs the phone to practice on – yeh right!!

Caviar sail-away party this afternoon at 5pm with all the new excited guests and we say goodbye to the beautiful Victoria Harbour and HK Island.

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