Thursday, 10 March 2011

Cruising To Vietnam

Monday February 28th

First day with our new bridge teachers as Pat and George Bettes left us in Hong Kong. Only four of us continuing so we have started a break away group as the ‘newbie’ beginners are starting from scratch.

We are starting the home journey today as we are now heading westward at 55 days into our ‘Sojourn’

Clocks back one hour tonight so we are now 7 hours ahead.

Tuesday March 1st

Arrived in Cai Lan in the north region of Vietnam and took a tour to Halong Bay which literally means “Decending Dragon Bay” and is a UNESCO world heritage site. The bay features thousands of limestone karsts in all shapes and sizes. We sailed around  the bay in a traditional junk which was interesting but not very comfy on the bum!!

Wednesday March 2nd

Day at sea today on our way to Ho Chi Minh city – the old Saigon. Tonight we danced under the stars – only the second time since LA as all the others were moved to The Club due to being “rained off”. We danced all evening on deck – the old legs will pay the price tomorrow morning.

Thursday March 3rd

Still at sea so we will be having a lazy day on deck and catching up with the gossip.

It’s fascinating to watch the dynamic of the ship. There are some people who are like magnets (Vance!!) and other people naturally gravitate towards them, wanting to speak to them and be part of a group….then others just sit alone or in their pairs and hardly seem to mix at all. Guess it’s a good thing we are all different or life could get very boring!!

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