Thursday, 10 March 2011

World Cruiser’s Ice Cream Party

Sunday March 6th -

Day at sea cruising the South China Sea on our way to Sihanoukville, Cambodia.

We world cruisers have been invited to an ice cream party hosted by the ships officers held at the outer desk of the ships spa at 3:30pm. We arrived to find the officers dressed in large white aprons which they had decorated with pictures and words of their own choice.

We were then given our own blank white aprons and felt tips pens to decorate and annotate our own apron in any way we choose. We were also given lampshade hats that they wear in Vietnam to keep off the afternoon sun – and keep the ice cream from melting too quickly!!

Huge choice of ice creams with decorations like nuts, chocolate sauces, fruits…etc…you name it they had it.,,,delicious.

I decorated my apron by getting the officers including the Captain to sign their names or write a message – keep it clean gentlemen please!!

Vance get Melissa, the assistant cruise director to decorate his with the wording ‘ Wish I Had A Big Scoop’ – some of the officer’s aprons were more original but just as saucy!!

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