Saturday, 16 April 2011

Civitavecchia the Port For Rome

Friday April 15th

Today is the last change-over day of our World Cruise and we have lost some of our world cruisers and there are now only forty of us left - the rest of the guests are ‘seggies’. So glad we are staying on for the final segment to Southampton...I would have hated to leave early because we have become one big family.

We went into Civitavecchia to do some shopping and then just walked around looking at the local sights. Lots of the guests took  the train, coach or taxi into Rome – about 90 minutes -  but we didn’t bother as we’ll probably do a long weekender direct from Bristol later.

Civitavecchia is a major cruise and ferry port and the main starting point for sea connections from central Italy to Sardinia, Sicily, Malta, Tunis and Barcelona. Iin fact docked next to us in port was the MSC Fantasia - a huge cruise ship with over 3000 passengers - that dwarfed our beautiful Sojourn. But ours is best!!

Today was very cold at just 13 degrees – not what we’ve been used to – can we go back to Papeete please???

We left Italy at just after 6pm and will sail between Corsica and Sardinia this evening heading for Barcelona in Spain.

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