Saturday, 23 April 2011

Cruising the Atlantic Ocean

Friday April 22nd

After losing an hour and experiencing some rough seas last night we arrived at the Colannade for breakfast to find the staff outnumbered us guests by about three to one!! Apparently Room Service was inundated by requests for just dry toast and ginger ale – and we haven’t even reached the notoriously rough Bay Of Biscay yet – newbies eh!!!

Just in case we have won the Lottery Jackpot when we get home we took a tour of the vacant Winter Gardens Suite this morning - the most expensive suite on this ship. It was justifiably luxurious and we have decided it would be our suite of choice for our Quest cruise next January. All we need now is for lady lucky to shine on us!!  I took loads of pictures.

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It is really quite cold and wet today but we braved the elements and wrapped up warmly for our noon ritual beer. Most people thought us mad.

At 2pm after 107 days we finally got around to joining the ships Bridge Tour and I even got to sit in the Captain’s Chair. Beware other shipping in the area - woman driver on board!!

This evening we were invited to a cocktail party in The Signature Suite where our friends Ralph and Mark have moved into for the last segment. We’re very envious of the boys!!

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