Thursday, 28 April 2011

Cruising the English Channel to Southampton

Tuesday April 26th

Spent most of the morning and some of the afternoon packing and can’t believe how long it’s taking…very little help from Vance…of course!! Luckily it’s very windy in the English Channel today so apart from our noon beer no-one is spending much time on deck so I don’t really mind doing the packing.

‘Blake’ had a CD signing this morning so I popped along and grabbed a copy and had my photo taken with them. They really are gorgeous.

This evening we arranged a ‘Last Supper’ dinner for four other Worldie friends and our favourite staff members Marc and Melissa. Unfortunately Michelle was unable to make it. We had a fabulous meal and the wine really flowed freely and a lot of the waiting staff came to say their goodbyes to us just in case they miss us tomorrow morning. It was quite emotional. Boo Hoo!!

After dinner we went to the Grand Salon as ‘Blake’ agreed to give another performance. Again they were brilliant and received yet another standing ovation – bye boys.

We moved on to the Club for the farewell night of music, dancing and drinking and as you’ll see from the photos a good time was had by all.

Wednesday April 27th

The time has come for us to leave our home away from home. More farewells, hugs, kisses and tears were the order of the morning. I really found it hard to leave. At 9:30am we left the ship to be greeted by our BMW 7 series chauffeured car for the drive home. Seabourn style to the end!!

Guess what?.....when I got home I weighed myself and I've lost 9lbs and loads of inches.....I must be the first person to come back from a 4 month cruise who's lost weight.....perhaps I can persuade Vance to take me on next years Quest world cruise...just so I can lose some more weight of course!!

Our sojourn and this blog is now at an end. Thank you to everyone who has followed us around the world.

That’s All Folks – and thanks again Seabourn – we’ll be back.

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  1. Dear Helen and Vance,

    Thank you very much for taking me, and I am sure many, many others, on your trip on the Sojourn. I would not be surprised if you are sufferin from withdrawl symptoms, being pampered for such a long time. The count down for the next trip has probably already begun, and I really hope you will take us with you again. Thank you again and have a nice stay at home.
    Best regards,
    Ineke van der Poel (the Netherlands)