Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Leaving Bordeaux

Monday April 25th

Another wonderful day as it’s hot and sunny on this Easter Monday morning so another chance to top up the tan.

Left Bordeaux at noon timed by our beer ritual of course and passers-by on the quay stopped to wave us off.

Tonight is our last formal dinner as we will be packing our finery away tomorrow. After dinner we went to the Grand Salon to see ‘Blake’ a classical boy band well known in the UK. Their style is a mix of classical and pop songs sung in rich harmony vocals. They were absolutely fantastic and well deserved their standing ovation. It also helped that they were gorgeous looking young men!!

We managed to find the words to the World Cruise song that Jon Courtenay wrote for us at the World Event the other night. Here they are.

World Cruise Song by Jon Courtenay To The Music ‘You Took Advantage Of Me’

Today’s your hundred and fourth day with new friends
Just a week left before the World Cruise ends.
It wouldn’t have been any longer if you’d made Roratonga.
You had an extra day at sea.

There were sixty-four “Worldies” from L.A.
You picked up a few “Seggies” along the way
And then a few leftcha in Civitavecchia.
Then another day at sea.

You made a lot of memories along the way
Like in New Zealand when you all had tea
The Singapore big wheel and Arabian Nights
Rough weather in the Tasman Sea.

When we get to England some of you may be found
Makin’ like the Pope and kissin’ the ground.
On your hundred and twelfth day since leaving L.A.
Fifty-six days spent at sea.

You’ve been playin’ bridge and monopoly.
Eating breakfast, lunch and dinner and the afternoon tea
The Trivia’s done, the jigsaw is done.
Fifty-six days spent at sea.

I bumped into the Captain and I asked him where
Is the nearest land or town
He said land is never further than a mile away
That’s if you go straight down.

Christopher Columbus sailed the seven seas
Searching for America’s shore
With all the cocktail parties and formal nights
What the hell do you think his wife wore.

I know you’ve had some fun along the way.
From the fifth of January to the U.K.
The hours have been great,
All two thousand, six hundred and eighty-eight.
Fifty six days spent at sea

The other fifty-six in twenty four countries
The hundred and fourth day spent with me
They say the best things in life are free
Then why did this cruise cost so much money?

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