Saturday, 9 April 2011

Cruising – Cruising - Cruising

Thursday March 31st

Today we’re cruising the Gulf of Aden which is now known as Pirate Alley. The Captain has said we will be travelling in convey with several other ships, like tankers, freighters etc. There is even an Indian Naval Frigate to escort us backed up with close British Naval support if required. This morning we were circled by a British Naval Sea King helicopter a few times to make sure all was well...good old Brits!!

As an extra security measure Wayne the ship’s security officer and his team have been laying out razor wire around the aft decks of the ship.

As of 6pm this evening the outside deck areas are out of bounds and we have been told not to use our balconies until further notice.

Tonight the show time entertainment is Journey South the brothers from Manchester UK who came third in the UK reality show X Factor back in 2005. They were brilliant and got a standing ovation at the end of the performance. Vance missed the show as he stupidly ate a crab fishcake for many will know he’s allergic to crab...I tried not to laugh too much...he stayed in bed for the evening so I got to dine “tete a tete” with a ship’s officer...and a gentleman.

Friday April 1st – Happy April Fool’s Day to you all!!

Still cruising...and still locked in.

Shuffleboard divorce!! – Vance and I played in the competition as partners.....bad move as we were well ahead and Vance had the last ‘shove’ of the game. I told him to just move the puck a few feet and we would have won – what did he do? – he pushed it right down the court and it landed on minus ten ...and we lost!! This is the first time I’ve lost at shuffleboard on this cruise and divorce proceedings will start immediately!! Is there a lawyer on board please. He had to do some serious groveling that him.

6:30pm and most decks are now open as we’ve passed through the Gulf of Aden into the Red Sea and into safety!!

7:00pm – Captain’s Message – Egypt is back on. Huge cheers around the ship as everyone is so happy.

Saturday April 2nd

Still cruising the Red Sea but safely on our way to Egypt so the razor wire is now coming down.

The special event I told you about earlier is a poolside party organised originally because we were not going to Egypt due the security worries. This is now a celebration party called Arabian Nights. The majority of the guests have come dressed in the costumes bought earlier in Oman in the souks. The staff and crew did a wonderful job transforming the pool deck into an Arabian wonderland. We even went to dinner that evening in our costumes before returning to deck for dancing under the stars...Arabian style. Thank you Seabourn it was a wonderful night.

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