Thursday, 14 April 2011

Transiting The Suez Canal To Ashdod – Israel

Saturday April 9th

We have a convoy!! There are 21 ships in our transit convoy – we are first (of course!!) and The Queen Elizabeth is 18th in line astern from us.

It’s amazing to spend the day seeing land on both sides of us and still cruising as usually all we see on sea days is water.

The Suez Canal is an artificial sea-level waterway in Egypt connecting the Med and the Red Sea. It opened in November 1869 after ten years of construction work and allows water transportation between Europe and Asia without having to navigate around Africa.

The canal is 120 miles long, 79 feet deep and in places 673 feet wide. We were told that Egypt charges $250,000 for our ship The Sojourn to transit – big bucks...wonders who has been getting all the money Mr former prime minister!! We were all asked to keep our balcony doors closed during the transit due to the high concentration of flies in this area – sun bathing today was a bit annoying as they were all over you...hope they stay in Egypt when we leave the canal.

Clocks go forward one hour tonight as we will be going eastwards to Ashdod in Israel tomorrow.

Sunday April 10th

Arrive 7am at Ashdod in Israel. The port of Ashdod is Israel’s largest port accounting for 60% of the countries imported goods.

Most people have gone on tour to Jerusalem but as we are both still feeling a bit under the weather we have decided to stay on board and recharge our batteries. It’s a pity to miss the holy city but I’m sure we can share in other people’s stories when they get back.

Decided to play the golf putting game again this afternoon...and I came second!!...Vance reminded me that there were only two people playing!!

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