Saturday, 2 April 2011

Dubai Day 2

Saturday March 26th

Another change over day we are now starting segment 5 - our last segment…boo hoo…unless we stay on until Southampton…working on it…will let you know later!!

As we got off the ship we saw a banner across the aft of the ship ‘SECURITY WARNING KEEP 50 METRES AWAY’ ….we’re now getting close to pirate waters.

Spent the morning shopping in the Dubai Mall and treated myself to a new swimsuit from wait for it…Marks & Spencer!! In the afternoon we went back into town especially to see the renowned 6pm Fountain Show. We had a sudden sandstorm accompanied by a fierce wind so instead of the fountains  reaching 50ft in the air they could only go to about 10ft as the winds sent the spray horizontal ..soaking the hundreds of people watching.

The fountains are right beside the Burj Khalifa Tower and at 2717ft is now the tallest building in the world.

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