Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Muscat – Oman

Monday March 28th

We arrived at Muscat the capital of Oman at 8am this morning to beautiful clear and hot sunny skies.

Muscat has always been an important trading port between the west and the east and during its history it has been ruled by powers such as the Persians and the Portuguese Empire which is reflected in its architecture.

We decided to do our own thing today and not take an organised tour as we wanted to shop for a special ship board event on the 2nd of April. The event is being held because we have been told we are NOT going to any ports in Egypt due to the US Department of State travel warning.

We started by walking the length of the corniche around the harbour before making our way to the local souk for some shopping and it seemed that half the ship were there as everyone is getting very excited by ‘The Event’

Vance bought an Omani hat and I bought some more shoes which Vance has named my slappy flatties. We also bought some local saffron for when we eventually have to return home and do our own cooking...or should I say when Vance does the cooking!!

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