Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Sharm el Sheikh - Egypt

Thursday April 7th

Arrived in Sharm el Sheikh at 6am this morning but as we have been here numerous times before we decided not to go ashore.

This afternoon Seabourn put on a complimentary shore experience for all guests called ‘Tea In The Bedouin Desert’

We drove to a campsite erected in a secluded valley in the mountains of the Sinai. On arrival we were greeted by colourfully dressed locals and several very large camels. We were all given the chance to be photographed with or ride on a camel and so I took my chance and after scrambling aboard rode the beast for a very short distance amidst Vance’s laughter!! It was ok apart for the camel getting up and down which they achieve in three moves in what seems opposite directions and you have to hang on for dear life – the main sound was me...screaming.

We then had tea and afternoon snacks sat on cushions on the floor of the tent and were entertained by Bedouin dances followed by a show of the mystical whirling dervish. This is a dance where the men twirl continuously for up to twenty minutes wearing huge weighted skirts which flare out. It was great to watch but how they kept their balance I’ll never know.

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