Friday, 1 April 2011

Dubai Day 1

Wednesday March 23rd

Today we are cruising the Arabian Sea on our way to Dubai and are being escorted by an India submarine until we get closer to Dubai…just in case!!

Thursday March 24th

Now cruising the Strait Of Hormuz a narrow and strategically important waterway between the Gulf Of Oman and the Persion Gulf. On the north coast is Iran and on the south the United Arab Emirates. The Strait at its narrowest is 29 miles wide and about 15 tankers carrying millions of barrels of crude oil transit it every day.

Friday March 25th

We arrived in Dubai at 5pm and immediately left the ship for our next world cruise event –Arabian Nights Adventure. We drove in 4x4’s through bustling Dubai on route to an Arabian camp site hidden in the golden sand dunes. On arrival there were groups of camels and we could be photographed with them or even take a ride on one. Luckily they were muzzled as they can bite!!

The camp site was setup for a traditional Arabian meal where we sat on cushions around a central carpeted area. There was also a shisha corner where we all could try the hubbly bubbly water pipes…apple tea only!!

You could also have a traditional henna design applied but as I still have my last one from India I declined as Vance still calls me trailer trash – hopefully it’ll fade soon.

After a delightful dinner and lots of wine, beer etc we watched a lively belly dance performance - a beautiful evening was had by all. Our return journey at night over the dunes at speed became a race between the 4x4 drivers…scream Helen scream!!

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