Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Cruising To Salalah – Oman

Tuesday March 29th

Today we are cruising the Arabian Sea on our way to Salalah in Oman and I’m calling today Prize Day because not only did I win ‘Baggo’ (again!!) my prize being a Seabourn teddy bear which I’ve christened Karlo Bear after our captain Karlo Buer ha ha!! but also I won the deck shuffleboard or I should say our team won the event. Vance was in the team (his first ever shuffleboard game) and our prizes this time were Seabourn USB flash drives. Definitely a good day.

Wednesday March 30th

We arrived at Salalah at 7am and we took the Beach, Bazaar and Biblical tour. Firstly we visited the golden sand of Mughsail Beach where we saw flamingos and dolphins and the famous blowholes which unfortunately were disappointing as the tide was too low.

Next we travelled to an exotic bazaar. The bazaar was next to the Sultan Of Oman’s beach palace and sold frankincense, spices, textiles and jewellery. Vance took the opportunity to buy a headscarf for the special event that will come shortly. After this we travelled into the hills overlooking Salalah to visit Job’s Tomb. This is a sacred site of pilgrimage for Muslims, Christians and Jews. All the ladies had to wear a scarf to cover their heads and everyone had to remove their shoes to enter the tomb. The tomb was very simple and was very long, the guide said that Job was nearly 12ft tall – yeh right!!

Ali our guide said that Omani men prefer their ladies to be slightly on the large side and then offered Vance 100 camels for me. I expected Vance to haggle upwards to 150 camels but he said “50 will do”...cheek.

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