Saturday, 16 April 2011

Cruising the Strait Of Messina to Sorrento - Italy

Wednesday April 13th

Day at sea today and we meet up with the Seabourn Spirit around 9am this morning. Good to see one of what is known as The Little Sisters again as she circled our Sojourn as the captain brought us to a full stop for the event. Both ships greeted each other with the traditional three blasts of the ship’s horn.

At 6:30pm we sailed through The Strait of Messina which separates Sicily from mainland Italy. Not really much to see but I took a couple of photos anyway. Later that evening at 10:30pm we sailed by the volcanic island of Stromboli which is still active. I hoped to see the fire and smoke erupting from the top but due to cloud cover all we saw was a triangular silhouette in the dark. Sorry folks no photos of this one.

Thursday April 14th

Arrived in Sorrento at 8am to a beautiful clear, sunny, warm morning. The town overlooks the bay of Naples and its luxury hotels which hug the vertical rocky coastline regularly attract the rich and famous...and us!! It’s also famous for Limoncello, a digestive made from lemon rinds, alcohol, water and sugar. Most people drink it neat or ‘on the rocks’ but I like mine with Champagne...surprise, surprise.

We went up to the town square and wandered the old cobbled alleyways and shopping areas buying little gifts and trinkets. We met most of the other guests, apart from those who had taken the ship tour to Pompei, who also had the same idea.

Back on ship for an Italian lunch of pizza, salad and wines in the lunchtime sun at the Patio Grill – bliss!!

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